Captain America 601, 2009 “Red, White, and Blue-Blood”

In 2009, the world was treated to one more story drawn by Gene “The Dean” Colan. This was his swan song in mainstream comics (all of comics unless I’m mistaken), and it was fittingly a war/horror story! Yes, this is #warcomicsmonth and you do get some WWII action, but you also get some bloodthirsty vampires as well! A fantastic send off for one of the industry’s greats (R.I.P. Gene). Written by Ed Brubaker, with colors by Dean White.

The story starts out in Bastogne, France in 1945, with Cap, Bucky, and their unit, as they’ve discovered some other soldiers that were killed, but there’s something different about the way in which they were killed. Cap and Bucky wait and eventually see that the soldiers rise and are now part of a vampire legion! Cap and Bucky must now battle against men that served by their side, and not only that, but townspeople as well, including children!

This book is one that holds a high place in my pantheon of comics. Gene Colan is my all time favorite artist, and there is no finer example of why than this book. You get some very good scenes with dialogue with Cap and Bucky, but the action scenes, especially the ones that involve the undead, are simply incredible. Even on his last pro job, Gene delivered.









Marvel Super Action #15! “Death Be Not Proud”

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A reprint of Avengers #56 (1968), this book is a fantastic look at Captain America, as he and four other Avengers (Black Panther, Wasp, Giant Man, & Hawkeye) travel back in time using Dr. Doom’s time platform. They go back to try and determine if Bucky really died on that fateful day back in WWII at the hands of Baron Zemo! This gem was brought to us by Roy Thomas and Big John Buscema! One must wonder if Ed Brubaker used this story as a springboard for his “Winter Soldier” story. Hmmm… Enjoy!