Captain America #154, 1972 “The Falcon Fights Alone!”

After two solid runs (one by Gary Friedrich and the other by Gerry Conway) on this title, the book was in need of another direction. The days of Cap fighting Nazis and Commies was over, and the character was basically spinning his wheels. Sure, you had some good stories in the Avengers, but his solo book was about to be redirected and there would be no going back. The issue before this one started a storyline where Cap had seemingly turned into a flaming racist, and his old partner (believed dead after this retcon story) Bucky was also back and spouting racist remarks towards the Falcon. It was an obvious imposter, but who are these two, and how do they know so much about the history of the star-spangled Avenger?

When “Stainless” Steve Englehart (writer) took over this book, most probably had no clue what was in store, and what a wild ride it was! Add into the mix “Our Pal” Sal Buscema (interior pencils and cover, inks by Frank Giacoia) and “Jumbo” John Verpoorten (inks), as the art team, John Costanza letters, and Roy Thomas editing, and you get one of the best the Bronze Age has to offer!









Captain America #103, 1968


All month-long I’ll be spotlighting the work of Jack Kirby, and the last post showed his awesomeness on the Fantastic Four. Honestly though, I loved his run on Captain America just as much! He made Steve look very handsome, and Sharon Carter was very sexy in her panels as well! In this specific issue, Steve and Sharon are trying to enjoy a quiet evening out on the town, but suddenly, their dance is interrupted by some of the Red Skull’s henchmen. They use knockout gas on Steve (not realizing it’s Captain America), and kidnap Sharon. The Skull wants to lure Cap to his island base, where he can destroy him for good!

Cap fights his way through the Skull’s minions (no, not the ones from Despicable Me), and he finds Sharon, chained up in a cell. He frees her, but then must face the Skull and his generals. Cap manages to escape with Sharon, but the Skull is confident that he wont get far. The Skull holds a detonator in his hands, and prepares to hit the switch! Will Cap and Sharon survive? I hope you enjoy my Kirby tribute this month, and rest assured, it’ll stay at this height for the month! See you in three days!



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