Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #19 & 20, 1974

Image (43)

Image (44)

OK, so I sort of lied. Those last two books weren’t the final books from DC in this era. I did remember that I picked up these two great issues of Kamandi, at New York Comic Con (2013). Any time you can get Jack Kirby for fifty cents, you’d be a fool not to grab it! The main character in this book is a dead ringer for Ikaris, of the Eternals, and that’s just another reason why I’ll buy this series whenever I happen upon an issue! Written, drawn, and edited by Jack Kirby (inked & lettered by D. Bruce Berry)!

2 comments on “Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #19 & 20, 1974

    • I just recently stopped buying new comics altogether. I’m going to concentrate on back issues for the foreseeable future. Just a choice driven by dollars, but I’ll probably grab a trade or two every now and again. Thanks for stopping by!


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