Ghost Rider 21, 1976 “DEATHPLAY!”

I don’t know if you can find a better comic than this one from the Bronze Age. The character, the creators (especially), the insane villains, everything. In this issue, you get not one, but two lame villains fighting a guy that can use hellfire to melt things into a liquid state, super strength, and a motorcycle that can be mentally summoned to run people over. His opponents can shock you like a taser, or use wrist blades to cut you…yeah. BUT, they’re so lame they are cool. By story’s end, GR smacks the Gladiator with a lamp post, knocking him unconscious.

When you get creators like Gil Kane (interior pencils) and Jack Kirby (cover pencils) to make a comic book, you’re pretty much set. Throw in an established guy like Gerry Conway (writer/editor), and the book is guaranteed to be a bonafide winner. An unsung hero if I’ve ever seen one, is Sam Grainger (interior inks). I’ve always enjoyed his contributions and thought he was a solid craftsman. Add names like Al Milgrom (cover inks), Irv Watanabe (letters), Roger Slifer (colors), and Jim Shooter (colors), and the book is an easy sell!









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