Strange Adventures 200, 1967 “The Man with the Comet Head!”

For some Strange reason, I felt compelled to return to another crazy sci-fi comic from DC. With a title like this one, who can really argue the validity of its awesomeness? This book has three crazy stories in it, and after reading them, you might just wonder what the heck it was that you just read! Just look at this crazy cover by Carmine Infantino and George Roussos!

The first story (“The Guardian Eye“), stars a character that I don’t know very well, but was a recurring one. The Enchantress, a witch apparently, must face off against a huge, demonic creature! At first, she’s incredibly afraid, but she quickly figures out its secret! Written by Zany Bob Haney, with art by Howard Purcell!

Next up is “The Lair of the Dragonfly!” This reprint from the 1950s (House of Secrets 19, 1959) is all kinds of crazy, but fun as well. I mean, cmon, it’s a fire breathing, giant dragonfly. The science and logic in this one are off the charts in the wild category, but again, fun story. Written by Ed Herron, with art by Bernard Baily.

And finally, “The Man with the Comet Head!” This one is pretty simple. A man at an observatory is watching a meteor, but it suddenly heads right for the telescope and hits it while the man is watching! He emerges with his head in flames. The day is saved by science! Yay! Written by Otto Binder, with art by Jack Sparling!

Again, this is the crazy, fun times you have with these books. Sometimes they have a message to them, other times, just craziness. Get out there and buy some DC sci-fi!










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