The New Gods 10, 1972 “Earth—The Doomed Dominion”

To close out August, and Jack Kirby Month, I decided to grab a random book from my Kirby box. I think this was the first Fourth World book I bought back a few years ago before I decided to grab trades. I always loved the character of Orion, mostly because of the Justice League animated series. He seems like a B.A. with a good heart, and at times, we do need people like him. No nonsense, get it done kind of people. Sounds a bit like Kirby himself, no? My copy of this book is in less than awesome shape, but it’s complete and the cover is a great action shot (art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer).

The issue begins with a prelude, as some baddies watch a cocoon like object glowing. They remark that it is the great Mantis himself, and how with him as a leader, how can they fail? Mantis then emerges from the cocoon, and tells his minions to “prepare for the great destiny that awaits them!” We then get a Forager appearance, followed by some ominous words from my personal favorite New God, Orion!

Huge battle scenes, foolish politicians, Lightray, and all the Kirby madness you can handle await inside this comic! Written and pencilled by Jack “King” Kirby, inks and letters by Mike Royer, and colors by Anthony Tollin!











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