The Project Pegasus Saga Part One (Marvel Two-in-One 53, 54, 55, 1979)!

As of now, you can buy a deluxe hardcover of this great story, but back in the day, you had to grab the single issues. One of my favorite off-beat books of all time is most certainly Marvel Two-in-One! The title almost always featured Ben Grimm, and this Jack Kirby creation is one of the best characters to spring from his incredible mind. When thrown-in with another character, Grimm really shines. His personality is often repressed slightly when issue after issue of Fantastic Four he was portrayed as just muscle (with exception of an issue here and there). His sense of humor really shined in these stories, and solidified him as one of Marvel’s greatest characters.

One of the names synonymous with Marvel Comic’s history is Mark Gruenwald (writer). His days as an editor, writer, and overall continuity cop are nothing short of legendary. Along with Ralph Macchio (writer), these two men gave us an epic story that endures! If you need two men to render a story, you might as well get John Byrne (pencils) and Joe Sinnott (inks)! Toss in names like Bob Sharen (colors), John Costanza (letters), Diana Albers (letters), George Pérez (cover pencils to 55), and Roger Stern (editor),  and the dream team is set!















Marvel’s Unsung Heroes! – Rich Buckler!

You know, just like in my last Unsung Heroes spotlight, some creators just never seem to get their due! I think anyone that knows the work of Rich Buckler, would agree he fits into that category! The man has worked in comics since the Silver Age, and is one of the most consistent artists in the industry. He and Doug Moench created the character “Deathlok“, and if you’ve been watching television lately (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD), you’d know that that character has been a huge part of the series! That character specifically, was used brilliantly by Buckler to push the envelope about certain social issues, as well as just entertain with lots of action over the years!

I had the pleasure of meeting Rich for a few short seconds as he sketched away at New York Comic Con in 2013. He signed a book for me (FF #157- image below), so I was on cloud nine! Well, rather than me telling you how awesome Rich is, let me just show you by featuring his covers and some interior pages as well! So, here’s to you, Rich Buckler, thanks for all the great memories from years gone by!


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