Marvel Team-Up #39, 1975 – “Any Number Can Slay!”

During the 1970’s, Marvel was bursting at the seams with creative talent. The wide array of creator ideas, titles, and characters, pushed them far above DC in the opinion of many a comic book aficionado. They leaped forward due to the fact that their characters were much more unique, the settings were in the real world, and the creative teams were newer, younger, and had fresh ideas. Just one example of all that was Marvel Team-Up.

This title was basically a book for Spider-Man to gain even more presence in the Marvel Universe, and spotlight some more minor characters as well. Whether they were heroes or villains, the book always had a different perspective that helped the characters leap off of the pages and into the reader’s minds.

This team up with Spidey and the Human Torch is no different. We see the two heroes battle alone and then together, with the threat of a multitude of villains ranging from Montana, to the Big Man, to the Sandman! Story by Bill Mantlo, art by Sal Buscema and Mike Esposito (cover by John Romita Sr.), colors by Don Warfield, letters by Karen Mantlo, and edited by Marv Wolfman! Enjoy!


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Superstar Artists- George Perez! Pt. 3

In this, the finale of my George Perez spotlights, we will see his early Avengers work. Most long time fans will recognize it immediately, some newer comic book fans may not. Either way, get ready for a real treat, because what you are about to see is magic! With inkers such as Mike Esposito, Ernie Chan, and Pablo Marcos (just to name a few), you can’t go wrong! Perez was really the first guy post-Kirby to really elevate his style, and become an absolute rock star with his fantastic talent, and genuine personality. Let us now take the journey through some of the earliest work by this legend! Enjoy!


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Marvel Team-Up #52, 1976. “Danger: Demon on a Rampage”

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One of Marvel’s best titles on any list,  in the 70’s, has to be Marvel Team-Up! From one issue to the next, you’d get two heroes (Spider-Man, plus one), battling against all sorts of crazy villains, creatures, or just shenanigans of some sort. This was a great formula, and although it sounds like it would be tough to keep going at a great pace, it wasn’t thanks to creators like Gerry Conway (writer), Sal Buscema (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), and Al Milgrom (cover)! Enjoy!

Marvel Team-Up #1, 1972. “Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas”

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Well, here we are on Christmas Eve! I must post a story that coincides with the impending holiday, right? So, here you go! A milestone issue from 1972, that showcases Spider-Man and his buddy, the Human Torch, as they battle the sinister Sandman! Written by Roy “the boy” Thomas, pencils by the late Ross Andru, inks by Mike Esposito, and letters by Artie Simek! As is that wasn’t enough of a crew, you also get a phenomenal cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia! Enjoy!