Super-Villain Team-Up #1, 1975 “Slayers from the Sea”

After just purchasing this book recently (Baltimore Comic Con 2014), I felt compelled to spotlight this great book! These types of books have always caught my eye, and will always get my money, as well. When you have great characters like Namor and Dr. Doom in a book, it’s difficult to not have a good story, or at least enough crazy action and declarative statements on every other panel! Let’s face it, Doom and Namor have enough hot air between the two of them to float a balloon across the planet. But, that’s why we love them, isn’t it?

As if dealing with Doom isn’t bad enough, Namor must contend with his perennial foes Attuma and Tiger Shark as well! There’s also a third person to contend with too, as Dr. Dorcas is in the mix…wow, what a name for a villain. The story is broken into two “chapters”, with a different set of artists on the second half, but you can’t go wrong with either team to be honest. Written by Tony Isabella, pencils (chapter one) by George Tuska & Bill Everett, inks by Fed Kida, colors by I. Vartanoff, and letters by I. Watanabe. The second chapter was penciled by George Evans, and inked by Frank Springer, and the rest of the same crew from the first chapter to round out the rest of the team! There are some fantastic splash pages in this book, so get ready to be aroused!

Image (202)

Image (203)

Image (204)

Image (205)

Image (206)

Image (207)

Image (208)



  1. Todd Taylor · September 12, 2014

    Nice. I like this issue.


    • billyd75 · September 14, 2014

      It’s a good one! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. vandrop · September 15, 2014

    Oh MAN! This exact book was a huge favorite of mine!! I inhaled it. I devoured it. I memorized every panel – I loved the sprawl, the insantiy, the great poses, the great villains, the over-the-top writing – inspiring!! Thanks for posting this and bringing me back. (I had long forgotten the book – and this brought it all back!)


    • billyd75 · September 15, 2014

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I post about comics every 3 days (usually), and a classic movie review every Sunday!


  3. mlbradford · January 31, 2015

    Doom in his Room – fantastic panel! 1 of th best – thanks!
    Last page is really good too


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