Marvel’s Unsung Heroes! -Sal Buscema!

When people hear the name ‘Buscema’, they just about always gravitate to John.  Sometimes just at first, and sometimes only, but I’m here to tell you that the other Buscema brother has chops too! Sal Buscema is a gifted artist that never seems to get his due. Well, he’s going to get it today, as I spotlight some of his work right here and now! It doesn’t matter if it was The Avengers, The Defenders, Rom, or even Spider-Man, Sal Buscema put his heart and soul into his work, and that cannot be denied! He and J. M. Dematteis crafted one of the most emotional death scenes in the history of comic books. So, here’s to you, Sal Buscema, as we go forth and spread the word of your awesome work!


Image (84)


Image (78)

Image (85)

Image (86)

Image (87)

Image (88)

Image (89)


Image (90)

Image (91)

Image (92)

Image (93)


Image (94)

Image (95)

Image (96)


Image (97)

Image (98)



  1. As you probably already know, Billy, I am a HUGE fan of Sal Buscema’s work. Thanks for spotlighting this amazing, talented artist.


    • billyd75 · April 7, 2014

      You’re most welcome! I know most hardcore fans know of, and love Sal’s work, but some people that are either new to comics, or just fringe readers might not, so I wanted to spotlight his awesome work!


  2. Dallan Baumgarten · April 7, 2014

    Spot on. As a lifelong proclaimer of John Buscema being my Favorite Artist of All Time, it is only recently, in revisiting some classic Defenders issues, that I’m realizing that I’ve given Sal short shrift for far too long. From now on I will officially proclaim that my Favorite Artist of All Time is… The Buscema Brothers. 🙂


    • billyd75 · April 7, 2014

      John was fantastic, and the credit he gets is rightly deserved. You’re right, the Defenders issues really show off Sal’s great talent. Thanks for stopping by!


    • John inked by Sal was a wonderful combination. Check out the Silver Surfer issues they did together. Really incredible work. I wish they’d worked together more often.


      • billyd75 · April 13, 2014

        Oh yes! I’ve seen a couple of issues where they worked together, and it was great!


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