Gene Colan Tribute- Finale!

In this, the last installment of my Gene Colan tribute, we’ll take a look at his finest work. Yes, Gene did tremendous work on all of his projects, but none matched his excellence on The Tomb of Dracula. This collaboration with friends Tom Palmer, and Marv Wolfman, is without a doubt one of the most incredible series in all of comic books in the 1970’s. For anyone that’s read any part of this series, you know what a gift gene and this team gave us. For seventy issues, Gene poured his heart and soul into this book, and that cannot be debated.

In this finale, you’ll see Dracula’s life, his death, his resurrection, his constant battle with Quincy Harker, Blade, and the rest of the Vampire Hunters, and the birth of his son! So, here’s to you, Gene, the one artist who will always be at the top of my list! Rest in Peace, Gentleman Gene!

Image (19)

Image (20)

Image (38)

Image (39)

Image (40)

Image (21)

Image (22)

Image (23)

Image (24)

Image (25)

Image (26)

Image (27)

Image (28)




  1. That splash page for “Hell Hath No Fury” is brilliant! What issue is it from?


    • billyd75 · March 31, 2014

      It’s the title page from issue #35. The Brother Voodoo cover by Gil Kane, Tom Palmer, and JR Sr.!


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