X-Men King Size Special #2, 1971 “Divided We Fall!”

As the Silver Age drew to a close, the X-Men went the way of the Do-Do bird. A few scatter-shot appearances (like a good one in Marvel Team-Up #4), and, reprints! The numbering continued from the original series with nothing but reprints for quite a few years before the Wein-Cockrum-Claremont team took over. One of those books was basically an Annual, or King Size Special, in this case. The Annual reprints two issues (#22 & #23), that are a two=parter featuring Count Nefaria! And Nefaria has recruited five villains to help him in his quest to destroy the X-Men!

Following the Lee/Kirby beginning, Roy Thomas (writer) took the reigns, and with a few different artists (until his collaboration with Neal Adams) kept the train rolling for a while. Artist Werner Roth (under the pseudonym Jay Gavin), started out penciling over Kirby layouts, then moved on to taking on the job himself. The incomparable Dick Ayers was the inker, and Sam Rosen on letters! A solid cover by Marie Severin (pencils) and John Romita (inks), put the finishing touches on the book! Some great action in this issue, and even a cool scene in the Danger Room!













  1. I was wondering who drew the new cover artwork for this annual. Marvel Girl looked to me very much like she was drawn by John Romita. I checked the Grand Comics Database, which is a fairly accurate website, and they credit Marie Severin as penciler and Romita as inker… http://www.comics.org/issue/24653/

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  2. billyd75 · July 4, 2015

    Yeah, I usually double-check them and Comicbookdb.com. They’re not bad, and I’ve corrected some of the mistakes on there for them. I like that site because you can also catalog your books as well.


  3. Todd Taylor · July 6, 2015

    Thaks Billy D


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